Netizens react to Hon. Ali Nur offer to sponsor couples to travel to Naivasha

Netizens react to Hon. Ali Nur offer to sponsor couples to travel to Naivasha

Netizens have mixed feelings about an offer put forward by popular aspiring member of parliament Alinur Mohamed. It all started when the city politician and philanthropist offered to sponsor 10 young people to go have fun at the World Rally Championship (WRC) event in Naivasha.

For the past couple of days, Kenyans have been excited by the thought of going to Naivasha for the rally event. This seemed to have triggered the politician who took to social media to share the rare offer.

Through a tweet, Alinur Mohamed disclosed that a lot of people have been on his case to find out if he will be going to Naivasha. Sharing that he might go or not, the popular philanthropist disclosed that he will sponsor 10 young people for the event up to Sunday evening.

"So many people are asking me if I will be going to Naivasha this weekend. I prefer not to answer that right now, but I am willing to fully sponsor 10 young people to go there and enjoy themselves up to Sunday evening. If you are a young couple, that is an added advantage," he tweeted.

Even though the gesture behind his kind act was received well by some netizens, a section of them criticized his move.

Responding to the politician’s tweet, a Twitter user by the name @EriqueCnyua challenged Alinur Mohamed to instead sponsor 5 young people with business ideas.

"Sponsoring 10 couples would cost you about 100k. Why not divide that money and say you will sponsor 5 young people with business ideas that can be started with 20k? They need empowerment," @EriqueCnyua tweeted.

Another user by the name @DaveKengabi took the opportunity to pitch his business idea to the politician. According to his tweet, if the politician offered to sponsor his business idea, he would then be able to afford the Naivasha trip next year.

“Instead of sponsoring to go to Naivasha si I bring you my business proposal you help me start my business and sponsor myself to Naivasha next year,” @DaveKengabi tweeted.

On the other side, users such as @OchiengDijoe took the opportunity to interest the politician in selecting them in his list of those he wishes to sponsor for the event.

“I would love to attend the spectacular event with my better half mheshimiwa..We would gladly appreciate if we were among those you selected for the important event. Thank you,” @OchiengDijoe tweeted.