'Selina' actor Lenana Kariba weds in Caribbean islands

'Selina' actor Lenana Kariba weds in Caribbean islands

Celebrated Selina actor Lenana Kariba is officially off the market. The popular actor tied the knot in the Caribbean islands of Antigua just nine months after he exclusively revealed to Standard Digital Entertainment that he was engaged to his girlfriend, Helen, whom he proposed to on January 2, 2021.

Sharing a snippet of their big day on social media, the popular actor posted an intimate photo where he was captured deeply embracing his newly wedded wife. Giving more information regarding their day, Kariba revealed that their wedding took place on August 11, 2021.

Congratulatory messages come from all corners, with a few of their closest friends revealing that Kariba intentionally delayed making the news public.

“Y’all were meant to be together. My friends got married and I was screaming because Lenana was delaying this news,” the couple’s friend Malika Mandy said.

Based on Kariba’s posts on social media, the couple exchanged their vows at Pineapple Beach Club in the Caribbean islands of Antigua, a popular venue for destination weddings thanks to its tropical hideaway where the beach curves in a perfect quarter-mile arc of brilliant, powdery white sand.

When he announced his engagement, Kariba disclosed that when he met Helen for the first time, he deep down knew she was the one. He affirmed that he would eventually get married to her.

“I am going to marry this girl,” he said at the time.

This came shortly after Kariba had broken up with his then Dutch-Kenyan girlfriend Lindsay Lulu, who they had dated for about four years.

Addressing their separation, Lindsay, on her Youtube channel ‘wine and trash’ alongside co-host Joyce Maina, disclosed that things don’t work out at times.

“Sh*t happens. This is the real world. Sometimes things just don’t work out! We’re both single and we’re just trying to grow as better individuals,” she said.

However, she clarified that there is no bad blood between the two as they mutually choose to separate.

“I’m always going to love him, he’s an amazing human being and I learnt a lot from him,” she added.