Willy M Tuva’s wife furious, seeking legal action against Msupa S

Willy M Tuva’s wife furious, seeking legal action against Msupa S
Tuva and Victoria [Photo: Courtesy]

Victoria Amunga, Mzazi Willy M Tuva’s wife is seeking legal address against Msupa S over a post made by the rapper alleging the presenter solicited for sex.

Speaking to SDE, a furious Amunga said that she has been dodging questions, prying eyes and phone calls all day concerning allegations made by the rapper.

Sasa mimi natumiwa link na mtu random, asubuhi nafika kazini naambiwa Victoria kuja tukwambie. Mimii nawaambia skiza ile kitu mnataka kuniambia nishajua na I have already dealt with it,” she opened up.

Amunga explained that when the story broke, she was pained, disgusted and had a conversation with the Mambo Mseto personality as to the next course of action.

“I was really pained, honestly for sure, nilumwa sana. How could someone just do a thing like that? I know that guy. Ni mtu ambaye anajiheshimu, ni mtu ambaye anajielewa. Someone with high moral standards…. Tulijuana naye 2008. Watu wasifanye vitu kama hivi, people should use the right channels to publicise themselves. Don’t use people names, people have sweated kujijenga, to get to where they are… Then mtu anataka tu kuride on your name. This has to stop really,” she narrated.

She said that she knows Tuva like the back of her hand as a man of integrity, a professional who has worked hard to be where he is and a figure in the industry with a heart of gold trying to assist artists.

“I think alikua amepanga kutumia hii platform but things have just gone wrong. This is someone alimsaidia roho safi kuziskuma nyimbo zake, interviews, roho safi, and you know people take kindness for weakness…. Sitaki useme namtukana huyu dada, simjui, I don’t care about what she does, I don’t even like her music or what but na appreciate yeye ni artist. The only bad thing hapa ni kwamba anatumia kila mtu ambaye alimsaidia kikazi kiroho safi kuuza nyimbo, you know like, biting a finger that fed you… I told him the best thing would be legal action. I have talked to a couple of lawyers,” said Amunga.

Tuva’s wife added that she is consulting her lawyers in a bid to nib in the bud such attacks on character and set an example.

“Wasanii ama watu siku hizi want to use short cuts. Akichukuliwa hatua hakuna mwingine atafanya tena. Not even him alone I am sure kuna watu wengine pia, brands ma celebrities ambao wametumia muda mwingi kujenga majina yao alafu mtu tu from nowhere anataka kutake advantage kurudisha mtu chini… Sasa I am taking legal advice so there will be no repeat of such. Watu wanatumia kazi yao kujenga majina yao, unatuimia alafu unasema pole. I mean, the damage is already done.” 

Taking a jibe at #PlayKenyanMusic over the Msupa S, she said that the turn of events was unfortunate.

“As much as wanasema tucheze nyimbo za wakenya, sawa, na wale ambao mntagemea kuwapromote ndio muna wapaka tope alafu sasa?”