Covid-19: Uhuru issues new orders - VIDEO

Covid-19: Uhuru issues new orders - VIDEO


  • Here are the directives Mr Kenyatta issued during the 11th presidential address on Covid-19 pandemic.

President Uhuru Kenyatta issued new orders Wednesday aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

Here are the directives Mr Kenyatta issued during the eleventh presidential address on Covid-19 pandemic.

One, the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Government in conjunction with the chairperson of the Council of Governors, shall, in three weeks, convene an inclusive national consultative conference to review our national and county Covid response and together with all stakeholders, chart Kenya’s post-covid future.

Two, that the closure of bars and nightclubs is continued for a further 30 days.  However, the prohibition against the sale of alcohol by licensed hotels with residence is vacated.  In the next 30 days, bar owners, in consultation with the Ministry of Health will develop self-regulating mechanisms as part of their civic responsibility to their clientele, in order to allow their resumption.

Three, that the closing time for restaurants and eateries be and is hereby varied by one hour from 7pm to 8pm, effective August 27, 2020.

Four, in accordance with the recommendations of the Inter-Faith Council, the maximum number of persons permitted to attend funerals and weddings is reviewed upwards to 100, with all in attendance abiding with Ministry of Health Protocols.

Five, the ban on the sale of second-hand clothing, otherwise known as ‘mitumba’, is herewith lifted. Details of how this will operated and the protocols for the same will be announced by the government tomorrow (Thursday).

Six, that the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage and the Ministry of Health will jointly issue guidelines on the gradual resumption of sporting events in Kenya.

Seven, that the nationwide curfew that is currently in force between the hours of 9pm and 4am daily, be and is hereby extended by a further 30 days.