EACC opens probe into conduct of three Nyamira MCAs

EACC opens probe into conduct of three Nyamira MCAs

Police officers in anti-riot gear block roads leading to the Nyamira County Assembly to prevent protesters from accessing it yesterday.

Photo credit: Ruth Mbula | Nation Media Group

Tear gas and street battles marred the start to business at Nyamira County Assembly on Thursday morning as MCAs stepped up their wrangles over leadership positions.

This came even as the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) opened investigations into the conduct of three ward reps, who were involved in similar chaos last week.

Rowdy youths lit fires demanding suspension of sessions “to allow order to be restored”.  Police later lobbed tear gas canisters to disperse them and blocked the roads.

A letter seen by Nation from EACC states that the anti-graft agency is investigating the conduct of the three MCAs during proceedings of April 13.

“To facilitate the investigation you are requested to furnish us with certified copies of the Hansard, CCTV footage and any other information relating to the matter,” read the EACC letter addressed to the assembly clerk.

Although the house managed to conduct business on Thursday, Speaker Moffat Teya endured protests by a section of MCAs, who demanded that the serjeants-at-arms be withdrawn.

Resolve the standoff

“I want these serjeants-at-arms withdrawn from here. They are a risk to my health,” said Bomwagamo MCA Charles Barongo.

Mr Teya said the officers could rightfully be stationed anywhere within the houses.

Yesterday’s chaos came a day after Governor Amos Nyaribo promised to meet the MCAs in a bid to resolve the standoff.

Speaking to journalists at his office in Nyamira Town on Wednesday, Mr Nyaribo said the assembly should resolve the issue for the benefit of residents.

“As governor, my role is to appeal to the assembly to maintain peace and harmony.  I’m planning to meet them on Friday to find ways to iron out their differences,” the governor said.

He condemned some members of Parliament, whom, he said, have been hosting MCAs and further fanning the conflict.

Cripple assembly businesses

“We’re fully aware that a section of MCAs met with two MPs in Naivasha recently and we know that all they discussed was how they would incite others to cripple critical assembly businesses,” Mr Nyaribo said.

Political Parties Liaison Committee (PPLC) chairman Evans Misati said the wrangles were a shame on the Gusii community.

He warned the MCAs that voters were closely watching them.

“I want to urge residents, both  young and old, to protect our county from such kinds of unscrupulous leaders,” he said.

“The leaders have chosen to protect their personal interest at the expense of the common good and, for the past four months since Governor Nyagarama died, we’ve not witnessed any tangible development.

“Instead, they’re fighting each other for their personal gain. We must show them the door in 2022,” Mr Misati said.

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