Nation's speculative stories add no value

Nation's speculative stories add no value

A staffer arranges newspapers at Nation Media Group plant on May 1, 2020.

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Speculative stories

I’ve noticed that the Nation now has the tendency to run speculative stories in the guise of news. Last Saturday’s headline, “Why Ruto needs Raila,” is an example.

The story adds no value to the reader. It’s light and repetitive and unfit to be a front-page banner headline story. Even the sources quoted are the same old ones and jaded political analysts.

— Weru Macharia


Privileged governor

After reading Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana’s article, “My date with surgeon and destiny”, published in the Sunday Nation of June 6, I was bothered by his lack of awareness of his privileged position and his attempt at telling us that he knows the common person’s struggle.

Most of the Makueni County residents and Kenyans in general cannot afford and will never afford the care he received at Nairobi Hospital.

That Prof Kibwana attempts to tell us that he understands the woes of the majority is upsetting. For instance, he tells us that the doctors were able to diagnose this post-operation complication quite early, and he was able to survive.

He goes on to write: “Later, I was told that many patients, especially in the public sector, die if such blood clots are not diagnosed and treated promptly.” And then he adds: “Through my medical insurance and NHIF, I was able to access first-class services.”

The question for you, public editor, is, where is the balance? How much space should governors like this one get to express their privileged life? The Nation should consider getting a Makueni resident to respond to the Kibwana article and tell the governor what the reality looks like.

— Berhan Taye


Canterful of documents?

I’m an avid reader of Mutuma Mathiu’s column. The articles are hard-hitting, [spot on] and generally reflect what we all aspire to as Kenyans.

The May 28 op-ed, “We need a brave leader with a brave heart,” did not disappoint. However, he refers to “a Canterful of documents”. That got me scratching my head a bit. Is that correct terminology?

— Owino Otieno

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