Studying at the Meat Training Institute, Athi River

Studying at the Meat Training Institute, Athi River

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A class in session at the institute.

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By Dr Salome Kairu-Wanyoike

The Meat Training Institute (MTI), a government institution, is situated in Athi River, Machakos County. It was established in 1972.

The institute seeks“to be a regional centre of excellence in the provision of training in veterinary public health and meat processing technology”. That’s the vision.  It is the only institute of its kind in Kenya with the specific mandate “to provide training in the hygienic production and inspection of meat and meat products”.

MTI trains manpower responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of foods meant for human consumption, especially foods of animal origin such as meat, milk, eggs, honey and their products. The training also imparts skills in the value addition of animal products, thus contributing to Kenya’s manufacturing pillar.

It offers the following certificate programmes: Meat Inspection Course, Meat Processor Course, Meat-based Products Processor Course, Meat Graders Course, Abattoir Instructors Course, Abattoir Operator Course, Butchery Operator Course, Slaughterhouse Attendant Course, Slaughterhouse Supervisors Course, and Butchery Attendant Course.

A curriculum for a 24-month Diploma in Veterinary Public Health (VPH) and Meat Processing Technology (MPT) has been developed and subjected to stakeholders’ validation. It will be implemented soon.

The facilities at MTI include accommodation and catering amenities, spacious classrooms and multipurpose halls, laboratories and transport. The institute has adequate staff to perform all operations.

Collaboration with all stakeholders and partners allows for high-quality practical experiences. We are fully Covid-19 prevention compliant as per the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education guidelines.

Our graduates find employment as meat inspectors and meat graders in the counties and at the export as well as private abattoirs. Those qualifying under the short courses also find employment in slaughterhouses or meat and meat products processing enterprises.

The writer is the Principal of MTI Athi River

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