To break the shackles of our past, we must strive for a better future

To break the shackles of our past, we must strive for a better future

IEBC clerks register students during the launch of voter listing of college students at UoN Towers at the University of Nairobi on October 13, 2021.

Photo credit: Francis Nderitu | Nation Media Group

Fellow youths, we have a lot to do. We have had leaders with a knack for looting public resources, nepotism and tribalism but we have vote for them time and again.

We have repeatedly settled for less when we deserve better. Who lied to you that this nation is under the control of a few powerful individuals?

If this is true, who gave them the right to wield such power? Where is the spirit that drove our forefathers to fight for independence?

Let nobody lie to you. The sovereign power of this nation rests with its people. Period.

We need to say enough is enough! Our yearning for a better Kenya should cause us to vote for leaders of our choice notwithstanding their loyalty to the current leadership.

Endorsed by politicians

We need to shift from caring about who relates better with President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Jubilee Party.

As long as an aspirant has shown an interest to dutifully serve, they should be our priority.

Can we, for instance, choose a president from a minority community or will we have to wait for candidates endorsed by politicians from Rift Valley or Mount Kenya regions first?

It’s sad that we have reduced the change this country badly needs to tribe. Anyone irrespective of their gender or tribe can lead this country.

Shortage of good leaders

Quite frankly, we need an awakening in Kenya. We deserve better leaders not tribal kingpins.

You and I need not just to be part of the change, but to be the change itself. It is possible.

We need to reject passivity and tell our fears that our confidence is on the loose.

Let us purpose not to embrace the failures of our forefathers but to correct them.

Just because they were bigoted at some point and fought one another doesn’t mean we have to be take that course.

One thing for sure is that Kenya does not have a shortage of good leaders. Our bane is a shortage of enlightened voters.

If we enlighten ourselves and free ourselves from the shackles of mediocre thinking, change will be inevitable.

Yes, we can! Yes, we will!

Jeff, 20, is a diploma student at Mount Kenya University.

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