Young people are wasting their lives away in meaningless 'fun'

Young people are wasting their lives away in meaningless 'fun'

An annoyed woman gestures at a dancing teen with headphones.

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So, what's your purpose in life? What drives you? Are your thoughts right? Are you focused?
In this generation, healthy natures have been kicked to the curb while vile atrocities and the glorifying of superfluous idealisms reign supreme.

Most youths are wasting their lives away. So much toxicity among the people. When did it become “not cool” when someone is trying something new?

When did we start judging people by their looks? Take me back to those days when I used to roll in the dirt and nobody seemed to wince at the gruesome sight of my mucus dominated face.

Judging by the mind and heart, that's what it was. But insatiable desire for material wealth has driven society into a bottomless pit, sucking the life out of people.

Everyone’s gang affiliated nowadays apparently. Everyone’s all of a sudden into that particular musician who is slowly poisoning your mentality.

“Dream in colour, son”, that’s what my mother always told me.

“Mum, its hard painting my ‘Mona Lisa’ artwork when my canvas is constantly facing the threat of being tainted by this dark society”.

Young people are on drugs because most of them grew up with villains. So how do you expect them to fight crime? A product of their environments, that’s what they are. So again, I do ask, what are your goals in life? Partying like there’s no tomorrow?

If that’s your idea of good living, then I am afraid you too, like many people today, have a severe case of tunnel vision.

Excuse my tone, but I can’t help refrain my heart from bleeding whenever I think of the type of society my innocent little sister and many others are growing up in. A society that rewards her brand of boldness with a very demeaning outlook that would make her retreat into a shell, a shadow of her former self.

It’s time to put that glass down, and, instead of getting another intoxicant, why don’t we all pour our hearts out for a change and love for one another.

You are not a gangster, you are just delusional; put that gun down, throw that knife away and start living your life now.

Nine months! That’s how long your loving mother took to perfectly craft your heart, and you are going to let one hazy mistake—a turbulent relationship, a hardship— tear it into pieces.

Life’s worth living, everybody goes through something. It’s all about persevering; not even for your own sake as such but do remember that you owe your parents the world!

Kanyi, 17, studies at Alliance High School.

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