Youths table 'irreducible minimums' to Governor Kuti ahead of 2022

Youths table 'irreducible minimums' to Governor Kuti ahead of 2022

Oldonyiro ward youths Chairperson Erick Lemunges speaks during a meeting in Isiolo town on September 19, 2021.

Photo credit: Waweru Wairimu | Nation Media Group

Some youths living in Isiolo County have presented their irreducible demands to Governor Mohamed Kuti before supporting his reelection bid.

The youths who are Samburus and Turkanas living in Isiolo have demanded the elevation of Oldonyiro ward to a Sub-County for enhanced provision of crucial services and to assist deal with insecurity, sinking of boreholes and food interventions due to biting hunger.

However, the creation of sub-counties is a preserve of the president.

Led by their Chairperson Erick Lemunges, the group also demanded employment opportunities, provision of bursaries to learners from needy families and construction of more Early Childhood Development (ECDE) centres especially in remote areas.

“Water is a challenge especially in Kipsing, Oldonyiro. Polytechnic graduates have no jobs and our people are facing hunger. We want the issues addressed,” said Mr Lemunges.

During a meeting in Isiolo town on Sunday, the group also demanded that community land registration be speeded up and maintained that they will only allow it done at the ward level.

“The county government should besides offering employment also ensure deserving employees are promoted,” said Mr Samson Ekeno.

They also appealed for interventions to help salvage their emaciated livestock affected by the drought which has also caused the drying of nearly 90 percent of water sources across. This forces the residents to trek for long distances in search of the crucial commodity.

“The bus is almost leaving the station. It is upon you to board or not,” John Lekmui said in reference to Governor Kuti honouring their demands to have their support.

Lobbying to the national government

Governor Kuti announced that an extra Sh7 million will be allocated in the supplementary budget for a water project at Ndugu Zangu area as the Sh6 million allocated earlier was insufficient.

“Relief food and livestock feeds distribution will start in the coming two weeks following lobbying to the national government,” said Dr Kuti.

The county boss said bursary issuance was delayed over some issues with the Bursary Act clause but had since been rectified and passed in the County Assembly.

He promised that the process would start soon for needy learners to benefit.

On land registration at the ward or sub-county levels, the Governor said he would consult other leaders to find what is best for the community.

“There is a need for all the communities to unite and agree on the way forward. It is so unfortunate that local MPs delayed the process after taking us to court,” he said.

Isiolo County Livestock Chief Officer Benjamin Lopetet asked the youths to remain united and speak in one voice to have better bargaining power.

“Stay united in championing for your rights and be a force to be reckoned with,” said Mr Lopetet.

Governor Kuti defended his track record saying under his tenure, the county had witnessed tremendous development.

He cited improved health services, a modern market, a stadium, county headquarters and county assembly chambers as among the projects that will transform the face of the county.