Actions that can turn you into a serial winner

Actions that can turn you into a serial winner

Winners spot opportunities better than everyone else.

Photo credit: Samuel Muigai | Nation Media Group

Some people just seem to be lucky. But are they really? Is there really something called luck that makes the difference between winners and losers?

Actually, yes. It’s because chance events have a much bigger impact on our lives than we imagine. They’re the same for everyone though, so how come some people seem to get more that their fair share of the good ones?

It’s because winners work harder. And they develop the attitudes and habits that make the most of every opportunity.

So get up earlier. Play to your strengths and concentrate on what you do best. Manage your time and focus on your priorities. Make time to study, practise and prepare. So that when an opportunity arises, you can get going quicker. Winners never stop learning. They’re active, independent and willing to take risks. They pay attention to the little things and get them right. They make commitments and keep them. Losers do exactly the opposite.

Good eye contact

Winners spot opportunities better than everyone else. They like meeting people and are good at keeping in touch. They expect to get on with everyone, and so they do. Because if you assume someone new will like you, and treat them like they do, then they will!

So smile a lot, make good eye contact and be easy to get along with. Because the more people you talk to, the more opportunities will come your way. In fact, almost every good thing that will ever happen to you will start with meeting someone new. Winners are also good listeners, and inspiring. They’re good at picking friends who help them achieve. Losers choose losers.

Winners notice things. So listen hard, stay relaxed and receptive, and watch everything that’s going on around you, rather than only looking for what you want to see. Seek out new people to meet, and new things to do. Because you never know when a new opportunity will pop up.

Focus on problems

Listen to your intuition. Because your subconscious is very good at picking up everything that’s going on around you. The countless tiny gestures people make, for example. Leaving you with a ‘gut-feel’ as to whether you can trust them.

Winners believe they control their own future, and don’t get distracted from their goals. Losers do just the opposite. Winners don’t quit. They focus on solutions. Losers focus on their problems.

Winners look after their health. Losers rarely make any attempt to lead a healthy life.

Winners are tough. They always seem able to see the positive side of whatever has happened to them. They don’t dwell on their difficulties, but instead take constructive steps to prevent them in the future. They try different strategies when they fail. Losers do the same things over and over again, somehow expecting different results.

So stop wishing your luck was better. Make your own! Work hard, meet lots of new people, and be alert to every opportunity. Then you’ll be one of the winners.

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