Bookiscape Book Club

Bookiscape Book Club

Esther Nekesa, member of bookiscape book club. She is a communications practitioner and a Be Different podcast host. Photo| Pool

I started reading books towards the start of my KCSE exams some years back. Then, I wasn’t much into books but I needed an escape from all the academic materials that I had been reading. I picked a non- academic book and I was hooked. I read because books serve as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Further, I enjoy to read because I get to travel and live, albeit vicariously through the various authors and characters.

When I left secondary school, the enthusiasm kind of dwindled. However last year, a friend invited me to join her book club. I was on maternity leave and I really needed to get back to the discipline of reading. We read a book every month. At the start of the book club, each one of us suggested a book for every month so even though we are in June, we already know what book to read in December.

I love being part of a book club because I get to read various genres. After every read, we discuss and assign tasks and challenges depending on the book we are reading. At the moment, we are eight women. We have been meeting virtually since it was established but we were able to hold our first in person meeting last month.

Our book of the month is Why Men Marry Bitches by Sherry Argov.  It is a book that gives advice particularly to women on how to transform a casual relationship to a committed one and how to make men stay.  Reading this book has elicited some heated debate on our WhatsApp group.  Some women feel that men are being allowed to get away with disrespect and burdening the women with the weight of avoiding disrespect.

As a married woman, I honestly don’t think that any of the lessons apply to me. If I came across it when I was still single, it would have made sense. But see, this is the good thing about being part of a book club.  You don’t just read for yourself. You read to motivate, enlighten others and for accountability purposes.

To join the book club, check them out on Instagram-bookiscape book club.

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