DJ Mo responds to viral video of his public fight with Size 8

DJ Mo responds to viral video of his public fight with Size 8

Netizens are wagging their tongues after a video of DJ Mo and Size 8 – in a heated argument – went gone viral.

The video was recorded over the weekend in a restaurant of a local hotel.

It looks like the celebrity couple had met to iron out their marital issues and Mama Wambo was not having any of it.

DJ Mo and Size 8 in a public altercation

The video obtained by shows an angry Size 8 walking out on her husband who pulls her back to the table forcing her to sit down.

‘…chenye unaniambia, ebu kwanza nkt…’ the mother of two can be heard telling her hubby.

A nonplussed DJ Mo tries to calm her down. He says,

‘Kaa hapa,’ DJ Mo said pulling her hand.

DJ Mo and Size 8 in a public altercation

Not convinced at all, Size 8 pulls away and shouts back,

‘Sikai chini. wachana na mimi!’ she shoots back.

If you missed the video. Check it out below.

When called for comment on the viral video, DJ Mo dismissed the video saying,

“No comment.”

When pressed harder, the spinmaster said,

“Mimi niko sawa na bibi! (I’m at a good place with my wife)”

Here are reactions from netizens to the video.

sheryl.bk: lakini why did someone record😶😶… families have downs too.. manzee😬😔🤐

dinahgitonga: What I see is a normal couple having normal issues just coz they are in the media and limelight does not excempt them from such in fact they are the easiest target . The much we can do is pray for them

dayofligh: Reality Tv doesn’t care, as long as it sells, whether its scripted or not…sad enough after the shows, most relationships suffer public damage🔥

jasperiningu: Its only the unmarried that will see this as abnormal. Once you get married these are normal small differences and misunderstandings.😂😂😂😂

lazymifupa: and someone was just there recording? 😂😂😂😂… the struggle for clout is real..

latifah_queenwandia: If only people have walked in others’ shoes, it’s not a laughing matter. I’m so saddened. It’s so wrong 😪😪

hadassah_bitengo: Hiyo ni mzinga ama😂😂