Five common foods in your diet causing bloating

A bloated stomach can cause you discomfort and a lot of pain (Shutterstock)

If you have noticed that your stomach gets unusually bigger or swollen after certain meals then that is definitely bloating. Bloating is a very common occurrence especially in adults and is mainly caused by gas and sometimes other digestive issues.

Bloating comes about due to certain foods in your diet, however if it persists this could be a sign of another underlying medical condition that needs medical attention. Here are five common foods likely to cause bloating:

Soak and wash your beans properly before cooking (Shutterstock)


They are the most common and readily available type of legumes. They are rich in proteins and a definitely must have in your diet. What you need to know is that beans contain a certain sugar (oligosaccharide) that the body finds hard to break down fully and this will make your stomach swell and pass a lot of gas in the process. Before taking beans, always ensure that they are washed and properly soaked. And also boiled until soft before eating.

Carbonated drinks

Your favourite carbonated drinks like soda even sparkling water may actually be causing your gas problems, this is because all the bubbles in your drinks that fizz are actually gas. All that gas will get trapped in your stomach without a channel to release them and this will make you feel bloated. Instead of taking carbonated drinks all the time you can substitute them will plain water or tea.

Milk contains lactose that most people find hard to break down (Shutterstock)


Even though milk contains protein and calcium that is highly nutritious, it could also cause bloating. Milk contains lactose that most people find very hard to break down. And this will lead to digestive problems such as passing a lot of gas, bloating and sometimes even cramping. You can substitute milk products for foods like fermented dairy products like yogurt or go for lactose free products.

Beer releases carbon dioxide which builds up in your stomach (Shutterstock)


After a night out with friends and you have had one too many, you will feel your stomach is bloated. This is because beer releases carbon dioxide which builds up in your stomach. Beer contains both gas carbon dioxide and fermentable carbs, both known to cause gas and bloating. Furthermore, the grains used to brew the beer also contain gluten (likely to cause bloating). You can always substitute beer for drinks like red wine and white wine that are less likely to cause bloating.


As much as it is hard to believe because most of our foods are made using this but wheat actually causes bloating. Most wheat products contain gluten which is a major player when it comes to bloating and passing gas. It is important to not only minimize your wheat intake to prevent bloating but also to prevent weight gain. A good alternative to wheat products is rice.

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