'He died with a smile on his face!' DJ Starboy's girlfriend on his last moments

'He died with a smile on his face!' DJ Starboy's girlfriend on his last moments

Fans of the later DJ Starboy who died in a tragic road accident when transporting miraa are inconsolable.

They have sent their tributes to DJ Starboy’s girlfriend, Claire Ashley, who has also posted very moving tributes and shared private moments together with the spinmaster who was also a businessman.

Claire wrote,

“There’s so much I can not share with all of you, but my love was on his way home.. there’s so much that is adding up now! He prepared some of us especially those who were closer to him. This is too much for all of us, but it is well.”

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Claire praised Starboy saying,

“Baby did his part in this world. At his young age he had done what most 40 year olds at the moment are doing. His life is a celebration And everyone who knew him and who have known him now is most definitely inspired by how he lived his life.”

She updated his fans by detailing his last moments with her.

“Friday (19th of Feb) We were with him very healthy, full of life, and loved me fully. The next Friday (26th of Feb) we sent him home, silent no life.”

She continued,


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Claire consoled all the fans who inboxed her with their condolences and warm memories of interacting with DJ Star Boy.

“My dears,
My baby died a peaceful death. He died with a smile on his face. Don’t feel sad. It was sudden but God’s Grace is sufficient. I am in so much peace and the strength I have is beyond human understanding. — I feel him everywhere in my heart, my head and in the air I breathe. He is still the one I love and will always do even if he isn’t in this world anymore. I draw my strength from his family. God will take care of us as Baby watches over us all. — we’ve gained AN ANGEL it!”


“Was a very ambitious, hardworking, very caring, full of kindness, and perseverance was his motto! No words in this world can sum up what this guy was! I/we loved him so much but God loved him more — There’s no wrong in that. I am VERY SURE he’s in a good place. Because I sleep very well at night and all I can think of is the happy memories I have that I’ll treasure forever.”

Check out the tribute video she made for the late DJ Star Boy.