How it's like to club in Dubai nightclubs

How it's like to club in Dubai nightclubs

A picture of Dubai city at night. The emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) comes to life at night. Photo | Pool

Dubai is a love song. The amazing landscapes, buildings architecture, theme parks, souks, and display of different cultures all mash up into a beautiful melody. At least for me.

Desert safari is an excursion offered by various tour companies in Dubai.  Photo | Pool

For a long time, I had been living vicariously through the experiences of other travelers and sat eager to be regaled with tales from the city and for my mind to escape to the mighty United Arab Emirates (UAE). Last week, I made a maiden visit to the city and one of the experiences I got to enjoy was the nightlife.

After a day’s work, my friends and I decided to while the time away on the outside. By 6pm it was dark but interestingly, it is during the night that the city comes truly to life and you have a chance of meeting dozens of individuals from different countries. During the day, the sun is scorching hot but we are lucky to visit in November as the weather is calmer.

Through a recommendation by another Kenyan, we head out for a hideout, an entertainment center along Al Hubob St - Dubai Marina. Here, we are home. Dozens of revelers, who are mostly black, freely dance to thumping local and African rhythms.

The day is Saturday and on this day, African beats flow. The manager and the DJ of the night are Kenyans who say that this is their way of distilling people off homesickness and feelings of loneliness. There are dozens of Kenyans here in Dubai –in business or employment.

Ismail Hassan (right) manager of club Hideout poses for a photo with one of the revelers. Photo | Pool

With many people busy working during the day, it can be difficult to build a social life so the club gives them the opportunity to mingle. Here, you are free to be whoever you want to be and dance to whatever styles that are in your head.

Strangely, at 3 am, the music stops and people start to walk out. I soon realised that it marked the end of the party, one that had just started. In this municipality, the operating hours for nightclubs are strictly set for three hours. Doors open at 12am and promptly close at 3am. Further, unless it is room service in a particular hotel, regulations prohibit the sale of alcohol before noon.

Revelers at club Hideout in Dubai. Photo | Pool

While leaving the facility, we found the bouncers standing stiff at the door. This was to ensure that partygoers don’t leave with any alcoholic drinks, which I must also say alcohol doesn’t come cheap in Dubai. If you are below 21 years, sorry, no alcohol for you. During holy festivals, seasons of prayer, and fasting, entertainment joints are prohibited to sell alcohol. Violators pay a fine of at least Sh10,000.

“In a city where there are no matatus on sight and buses ply on specific routes and time, how do people get home after leaving an entertainment joint at 3 am?” You might wonder.  Some opt for taxis or others stroll to their homes. Dubai is so safe, such that you can walk with your phone on top of your head, and no one will touch it.

Things to do in Dubai

1.   Visit the Expo Dubai 2020. All countries are here and I met people from different nationalities. The expo, with Kenya as one of the participants is a celebration of culture, collaboration, and innovation. Go network and find business opportunities.

2.   Desert Safari and night performance (most tour companies offer them as a package.  This cost me Sh9,500.  You can also go for a helicopter ride which goes for at least Sh20,000.

3.   This is a great season to shop. You can go to Deira, Marina or Dubai mall in downtown Dubai.

4.   Visit the global village in Bur Dubai and experience entertainment, family, and shopping.

5.   Have dinner in the sky or simply tour the city.

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