How to reduce dust in your home

 Make cleaning part of your routine to make it easy and fun (Image: Shutterstock)

It is everyone’s dream to have a clean home free of dirt and dust. Sometimes, depending on where your house is located or how many people you live with, keeping things tidy may seem difficult.

With the hot, sunny weather currently at its peak, dust will definitely be a common feature in your home for the next few months. However, here are some helpful tips on how you can keep dust at bay:

  • Free your home of clutter

The fastest and easiest way to accumulate dust in your home is by keeping unnecessary items which you hope to use later.

Hoarding boxes full of old clothes, toys or shoes can easily accumulate dirt, lint and create dust bunnies even if you clean every day.

Free your home of items you do not use so that cleaning is easy.

  • Dust everyday

Of course, you cannot manage to do a thorough cleaning of your home every day, but the least you can do is dust the surfaces every day.

Dusting around helps get rid of dirt particles likely to accumulate over time and eventually make your house look untidy and dusty.

  • Have a proper cleaning routine

To have a clean home, you need to have a proper cleaning order. First, you need to start with cleaning countertops, dusting chairs and cleaning windows before mopping the floor.

When you start with the floor, you are likely to avoid dusting the windows or chairs properly as this might spill stains on your clean floor.

  • Consider keeping windows and doors closed

As much as we all look forward to fresh air every morning, this is also how natural elements like dust, pollen and mould spores get into a home and accumulate over time.

If you need to open your windows do it before cleaning. Also, try not to keep them open all day.

  • Have curtain blinders

When you keep your windows open, ensure you have curtain blinders.

Blinders act as an air filter as they trap small dust particles when windows and doors are open.

Remember to wash your curtains regularly to reduce dust and dirt build-up.

  • Purchase doormats

In most cases, your household members will be walking in and out of the house, tracking with them all the dirt.

Have doormats with bristle tops that will trap dirt particles as people walk in. In addition, remember to wash your doormats frequently to avoid buildup.

  • Get an air purifier

Most people do not know how it works, but an air purifier will sanitise the air, removing any pollutants, allergens and toxins.

Some are made to trap particles roaming in the air while others may neutralise the particles without necessarily filtering.

The best part is you can choose your favourite fragrance to match the air purifier.

  • Change your sheets regularly

It might be hard to believe but sheet fabrics have a way of accumulating dust, causing flu. If constantly find yourself or the children having a redundant cough or flu it could be the sheets.

Although some people change their sheets every week or two, ideally you should be changing your sheets every two days to prevent dust from accumulating.