I work with my now married baby mama, but her husband is uncomfortable with it

I work with my now married baby mama, but her husband is uncomfortable with it

I work with my now married baby mama, but her husband is uncomfortable with it. Photo | Photosearch

I am currently working with my ex. We have a child together but she went ahead and got married. The husband is not comfortable with us working together. Should I leave as this is creating tension in their marriage? Joseph


As you said, this is your ex. You both moved on. What will arise from you working in the same place depends on your integrity, so if you compromise it, you will find yourself flashbacking on the good old days. I don't think it will be a good decision to go back to tarmacking because of your ex's family. You can change the place of work and still meet if the ties have not been broken. Your ex must reassure her current lover that he is the reigning king in their kingdom.

Rev Geoffrey Avudiko, Botwa, Kitale

An Ex means you are no longer in a relationship with the person. Why would you sacrifice your career to please her husband? Stay put and enjoy your work.

Calvin Queens, Blogger & Writer

Your question is suspect because if you are not together with your ex, how did you know that her husband with your work arrangement? Still, you shouldn't leave your job, as you have bills to foot and if you are separated there is nothing to worry about.

Nyori Njuguna, Isiolo

Quitting your job because of an ex with whom you're no longer interested in is stupid. Concentrate on your job and let her husband deal with his fears or insecurity alone or maybe with his wife.

Maxwell Odeka

What does their marriage have to do with you? You are poking your nose where it doesn't concern you. She should be the one to leave if it's creating tension in their marriage. Now man up and tighten your belt.

Brian Billy

That is an ex. If they are feeling uncomfortable then they should make the necessary adjustments to make their marriage work for them. You are not to do anything that will hurt your career for someone who does not care for you romantically.

Chaki Gloria

If your ex-girlfriend's husband is not comfortable with her working with you, he should find her another job. It should be none of his business that you are working with her unless you are the one who has employed her.

Philip Wandela Mwakimu

My friend, do your job. If her husband does not want her to work at the same place, let him look for her a job somewhere else. You have nothing to lose and it should be none of your business. If you quit, then you are still interested in her. Maybe what was meant by God to be, shall be and that's why HE brought her closer to you.

Fredrick Otieno

My friend, do you want to sacrifice your happiness in the name of an ex? It seems you never moved on and you still care for her. Others are looking for the same job, so be careful as work is not easy to come by.

Vincent Opelo

You seem to be the one who has an issue and not your ex's husband. This I deduce from the way you explained the situation. You can choose to move jobs or ignore, but remember you can't run away from your problems so just face them head-on.

Didi June


Like in any working environment if it does not suit you, you have the choice to leave. However, in your case you are not the complainant her husband is. In my opinion, this scenario is not your burden to carry. If your past relations are not affecting your work, then why should you be the one to sacrifice? Neither of you needs to leave. Unless the two of you are having an affair she needs to work on her husband's insecurities. There is also the reality that you share a child and you will always be the biological parent regardless.

Maurice Matheka, Relationship Counsellor


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