I've never forgiven God for taking away our parents - Baha's bro pens moving letter, remembering late folks

I've never forgiven God for taking away our parents - Baha's bro pens moving letter, remembering late folks

Actors Tyler Baha and Mungai Mbaya have gone through a lot in life. The two teenage brothers lost their parents in a span of two years when they were still in high school.

Their mother Beth Nyambura, who was popularly known as Wanade in Mother-in-law TV series passed away in 2013 after a long battle with cancer.

Her husband died two years later. After the deaths of their parents, they were left to fend for themselves.

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Baha was featured in the Kids show Machachari while Mungai was on Junction Juniors back in the day. Now they’ve ventured into music.

The brothers are inseparable and have always been their for each other ever since they were young.

‘Life Really Did A Number On Me When It Took Em From Us. I’ve Never Forgiven (life, God, The Powers That Be )🤷🏿‍♂️For This. How Can The Most Vital Source Of Your Happiness, Be taken from You In The Coldest Way Possible? All in a span of less than 3 years? HOOOOW FOR F***S SAKE?’ he wrote in part.

Mungai went ahead to explain how the loss strengthened the bond within him and his brother and how life changed completely.

I Was A weak, unstable, frightened boy who had just been tossed into the deep end. But Since We Had A Life. A very public one, it seemed like all that would change, would be, Their Presence. Their constant draining overprotection and Care. Nah, everything changed. I stopped growing how a normal boy my age would. And Mind You, I Wasn’t The Sharpest kid by any margin. I was A tool🤦🏿‍♂️ Had Never even cleaned a dish in my life. We had mama for that. (🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ Dumbest shit ever. ) Whether I liked it or not, I Had Lost My Innocence. I Had Seen First Hand, How Cruel The World Could Be. My Go to Process for dealing with it was acting like it never happened. Not showing these niggas, how fucked up our life had just become.Which is why I have the utmost love and respect for @tyler_mbaya and not just coz he’s the bro. Nah, Coz Of Having The Balls To Move On With Life Head Straight. Like I Envy that man. And I’m so proud to have seen him grow. Coz TBH WE really weren’t close. At all. Like we were always there for each other coz mum said we had to, but we really took each other for granted. After Losing our parents tho, he became my everything. The last reminder that the love my mum and dad shared had yielded Something. Us. Him really needing me. And me needing him even more. I Would Publicly kill For This Nigga. (On My Mama). Love You Bro❤️.

The upcoming musician said he is yet to come to terms with the loss seven years down the line.

I’m Posting This Coz I Feel Like I’ve Never Really Come To Terms With This Shit. Accepting that that’s just the way it is. And That Has Hurt Me So Bad For The past 7 years. It’s Hurt People Around Me, Coz I Haven’t Dealt With it. And It’s Always felt like enough of an excuse for me to act in any way. I just ignored it. Ignored what damage it’s caused. IM SO SORRY TO ANYONE WHO HAS HAD TO SETTLE FOR A SUBSIDISED OR LESSER VERSION OF ME FOR THE PAST 7 YEARS.

In another post, Mungai Mbaya revealed how people deserted them at the hour of need when they needed money for their mother’s treatment.

‘I learnt first hand what kind of pain fame with no money can bring. When in 2013 we were reaching out for help from you guys to pay for my mum’s unsettled hospital bill. I remember only 10 people sent something. A guy called Robert sent Ksh300. And to this day I’m eternally grateful. I’ll never forget him coz he called and genuinely asked how we were doing…’ he wrote.