Kenya's 2021 showbiz scandals

Kenya's 2021 showbiz scandals

From left to right: Mugithi maestro Samidoh, Gospel singer Mr Seed, vlogger Diana Marua and Comedian Profesa Hamo

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The Showbiz industry has never been dull at any given moment be it in Kenya or worldwide. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to reign, Kenyans and the world at large were treated to moments of various scandals by celebrities.

As the year comes to an end, we take a look back at major scandals that shook the entertainment industry in 2021 in Kenya and elsewhere.

Diana Marua rape scandal

Diana Marua

Diana Marua.

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2021 is perhaps the most successful year in Diana Marua’s vlogging career. She made it to the list of Youtube’s  top 10 content Creators 2021 in Kenya.

It is also the year that she launched her musical journey venturing into the music scene as a rapper going by the sobriquet Diana B (Bahati).

Diana B made her musical debut in November releasing two singles back to back Hatutaachana and One day, which became the talk of the town. The songs created so much buzz and attracted mockery with many of the opinion that Diana B should just stick to vlogging.

Among her mockers was controversial singer Willy Paul who trashed her music and at some point apologized to Kenyans for having to endure what he termed bad music from the Bahatis. This led to an online war between Diana and Willy Paul.

Things got messy when Pozee released a diss track song that was judged to be aimed at the Bahatis. In the song Mnikome/Gademit, Pozee insinuates that he already slept with Kevin Bahati’s wife Diana and regrets.

At this point the situation got even uglier with Diana retaliating by uploading a 26 minute long video on Youtube.

In the video Diana claimed Willy Paul had attempted to rape her, allegations which he profusely denied insisting that what happened between them was consensual.

The claims saw Willy Paul lose a number of endorsement deals and his name tarnished, forcing him to head to the courts.

This week Principal Magistrate D.W Mburu ordered Diana to delete the video from YouTube as it had caused Pozee too much suffering and loss of income. Diana responded by making the video private.

Samidoh cheating scandal

Mugithi maestro Samidoh

Mugithi maestro Samidoh.

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Since 2020, there had been rumours that married Mugithi maestro Samidoh was having a secret affair with youthful politician Karen Nyamu and that he was the father of her second child.  The two always denied.

However, in March this year, Nyamu burst the bubble confirming what the two had been denying. Nyamu noted the reason she went public is because Samidoh had refused to recognize their one year old son publicly as he did with his two children from his marriage to wife Eddy.

With no place to hide, in March this year Samidoh was forced to put a long post on Facebook apologizing publicly to his wife, kids, the entire extended family and his fans. He also promised to  remain faithful.

However, a few months later, Nyamu caught many by surprise when she revealed she is pregnant again with Samidoh’s child. Word on the street is that Edday is also pregnant with their third child.

Mr Seed cheating scandal

Gospel singer Mr Seed

Gospel singer Mr Seed.

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Married gospel musician Mr Seed also had a tough year after he was exposed in March for impregnating a lady by the name Swabrina.

Swabrina claimed after she learnt she was pregnant with Mr Seed’s child, she informed him and the singer sent her Sh4,000  to abort the baby.

Mr Seed’s wife Nymoh got wind of the story and even met with Swabrina to understand better what had transpired behind her back.

With Mr Seed’s marriage now on the rocks many anticipated that Nymoh would not hesitate to walk away. However, the two seemed to have worked things out as they are still together.

Jemutai exposes Frofesa Hamo

Comedians Jemutai and Profesa Hamo.

Comedians Jemutai and Profesa Hamo.

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The aftermath of  the Covid-19 pandemic left a lot of creatives broke as the country was on lockdown hence no gigs or shows for them to perform.

Churchill comedian Jemutai was among those who were severely hit. In April this year Jemutai opted to sell her Facebook account for Sh1.7 million to clear debts. She admitted to struggling to make ends meet and take care of her two children.

A Few days later, Jemutai went on a social rant exposing fellow comedian Profesa Hamo for neglecting his two children they had sired together. She accused the married Hamo for being a drunkard who had run away from his fatherly responsibilities.

For close to four years there had been rumors that the two were secretly dating but as is the unwritten rule, they both denied.

With the expose’ Profesa Hamo hit back denying being a deadbeat. His response only escalated the matter prompting Jemutai to spill more beans on their affair. When things got ugly, Profesa Hamo demanded for a DNA test of the kids which came back positive.

It took the intervention of their mentor Daniel ‘Churchil’ Ndambuki to call a cease fire and find truce between the two. Profesa Hamo was eventually forced to apologize to Jemutai.

The two are now back together and Profesa Hamo boastfully brags of being a husband of two wives. On Jemutai’s part, she said, she decided to take Profesa Hamo back after he acknowledged his mistakes and apologised.

Kabi Wa Jesus denies his daughter

Kabi wa Jesus

Kabi wa Jesus

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Peter Kabi and wife Milly Kabi who form the Wajesus Family, have gained an incredible number of social media followers thanks to their online lifestyle couple content.

Kabi and Milly have also claimed to be born again and their mission is to prove to the world that marriage works amongst younger couples.

Due to their way of life, Wa Jesus is always under scrutiny. In January of this year, just months after welcoming his fast child with Milly, Kabi was exposed for being a deadbeat.

Kabi was accused of abandoning and neglecting his seven year old daughter Abby whom he hadn’t seen for years.

When the news went out and became the talk of the town, Kabi  uploaded a video on their YouTube channel and just like Judas, he denied being the father of Abby.

In his defense, Kabi noted that he wasn’t the father to the girl in questions stating that she is his niece, a daughter to his cousin only identified as Shiko.

Shiko pressed on and sued Kabi demanding a DNA test and also to have him  compelled to take care of his daughter.

When the results finally came out in May, it was confirmed that indeed Kabi sired Abby with his cousin Shiko in 2013.

With the test out, Kabi issued a public statement apologizing for his mess. But was also quick to note that he sired the child before he was born again.