'Losing our twins after many IVF Attempts hit really hard,' Banky W shares

'Losing our twins after many IVF Attempts hit really hard,' Banky W shares

Celebrated Nigerian artist Banky Wellingtone known to many as Banky W and his actress wife Adesua Wellington have talked on losing their twins.

Through their YouTube channel the couple narrated how they had been ridiculed and called names.

Adesua shared,

‘I was going through IVF while hearing things being said about me such as i am barren and that my husband is impotent.

IVF is very tasking emotionally and very tough on your body. I have veins in my body that are ‘dead’ and you can’t get blood from them.

Luckily we got pregnant and they were twins.’

Banky W

We had gone for scans and had seen the heartbeats and everything was OK.

I went to the doctor for a routine checkup and as I los angeles there I could see the doctor having a funny face.

The nurse too was acting funny so I asked them what was wrong, and they said they could not hear the baby’s heartbeat.

At first, I laughed, I asked them if it was the heartbeat of one child or both and he affirmed to me that both heartbeats were missing.

When I went back home is when reality hit and so I collapsed down and cried. My husband was not home at the time.

Banky added that even though he is the man in the relationship seeing his wife frail and in pain broke him.

‘We did not see the heartbeats and the embryos were shaky and they were dying and had to be evacuated.

When we went home we cried and it’s OK to cry.

The couple shared their story to encourage other couples to have a hard time conceiving.

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