Meet Madini Classic's daughter Lacey

Meet Madini Classic's daughter Lacey

Singer and songwriter Madini Classic is a father to a three-year-old, Lacey Danniela Ouma whom he’s been keeping away from public scrutiny. But now the singer has decided to feature her in his latest track ‘Nitalewa’

“And she is part of the new project.. Her first time on the screen and she killed it mungu alinipa zawadi ya maana…” he wrote

Speaking to Mpasho about his daughter Madini, he said;

“The reason as to why I used my daughter is because she’s one of the greatest GIFTS I have in my life and then again I wanted the video to be real because I myself I relate with this song as well.  so seeing my daughter in this video makes me believe in myself even more”

He also spoke of his upcoming track;

hii ngoma ni mtu mapenzi inamsumbua sana breaking up with the wife anamwachia mtoto, like the father struggles to raise the kid by himself cause they broke up.

Meet his lovely daughter;