Mrembo bila makeup! Photos that show Karen Nyamu is a real beauty

Mrembo bila makeup! Photos that show Karen Nyamu is a real beauty

Apart from her recent scandals, it seems like netizens are wowed by Karen Nyamu’s beauty.

Looking at her social media, the politician and director Nairobi Water and Sewerage company is a slayer.

Without doubt!

But she has gained more attention after being involved with Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki, whom they sired a child together.

The singer has however been married for 11 years.

Nyamu said she is not a home wrecker.

On Tuesday, Samidoh shared a social media post, apologising to his wife, family and fans for having an affair.

Speaking on Jalang’o TV yesterday, Nyamu said she was not aware that the singer was a married man.

“I didn’t know Samidoh was married ’cause he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring. I came to know after being friends for like four months. I was told by the Mafiriri MCA,” she said.

“I have a problem with people thinking I am a home wrecker and that I was competing with the wife.”

The former Nairobi woman representative aspirant met the singer at a political event where he was performing at. She said the drama started after she gave birth.

“I told him he will have to claim his child and then he said he will wait for his birthday. Every single time he posts his children and everyone trolls my child,” she said.

“Last week his Facebook admin posted him and his two children but the messages on the comment section, that’s where it escalated. As a mum, I didn’t like those comments.

“Last Friday we were fighting on WhatsApp about those comments until 2 am. On Saturday morning, I told him my child will get an identity. I was angry at that video. I was not posting videos for Samidoh’s wife but for the identity of my son. If I had not posted, he would not have claimed his son.”

She says the singer was afraid of being identified with his child and that he had told Nyamu he had told his wife about her.

“I realised he had not sat his wife down,” she said.

Nyamu and Samidoh’s wife have never met but have spoken on the phone.

“Samidoh is a family man who loves his kids and wife. Last year, I gave Samidoh the idea of letting her register a company, and Samidoh’s brother filled the document until she got that tender. Is that a woman I’m fighting?”

Nyamu, who will be running again for office next year, is not decided on whether she would ever want to get married.

“I have had a history with men who pursue me while being married. I don’t see marriage being true. There are very nice marriages but my opinion has been shifted from what I’ve been observing.”

Asked to send a message to Samidoh’s wife, she said, “I would tell her that I am sorry because I didn’t know she was in the dark.”

Here are screengrabs of Nyamu’s beautiful photos;