Positively African book club

Positively African book club

Mary Adhiambo, communications manager at Writers Guild Kenya. She is a member of The Positively African book club. Photo | Pool

There is a big age difference between my siblings and me so since I could not play with them, books were my refuge and reading is now my best hobby. I started reading at an early age. Remember the nursery books that had short English and Swahili stories? They were my favourite. I have since transitioned to mature content.

I read both fiction and non-fiction books. 48 Laws of power by Robert Greene is a book that I loved to read and was enlightening. For fiction, my best choice is The immortals after dark series by Kresley Cole.

Because I enjoy reading, I do not necessarily create time to read.  I always have a book in my handbag so you will find me reading at the bus stop, on my lunch break, or whenever I have free time. Positively African book club is founded by Writers Guild Kenya and Qazini. I am a member but also attend as a partner.

The premise was to promote African stories (all genres) and have conversations around African authors and African books. We get an African author every month and we get to discuss their books. Currently, we are 28 participants.

We are currently reading Unfit for Society by Munira Hussein. It is about the life of a woman in Marsabit and the societal expectations with very little room for individuality.

My take-home is that we need to do more on women empowerment especially in marginalised communities and the book is a reminder that every woman is unique in their own ways and does not need to belong to a particular code to be fit for society.