Rugby player Alex Olaba reacts to conspiracy to commit murder claims

Rugby player Alex Olaba reacts to conspiracy to commit murder claims

Rugby player Alex Olaba was in court today morning. He had been detained at Kilimani pending investigations of conspiracy to commit murder.
The investigations are complete.

The state now wants Olaba’s bond cancelled. Olaba was released on a cash bail of Kshs300,000 in the gang-rape case.

The state told Magistrate Zeinab Abdul that his bail ought to be cancelled since he has committed an offence while out on bond.

“We have drawn a charge sheet. We will charge him with the offence of conspiracy to murder,” said the prosecution.

The State says Olaba cant enjoy his liberty when the prosecution key witness life is at risk.
It has asked the court to have him remanded at the Industrial area until this case is heard and determined.

The prosecution also wants the matter to be heard in camera.

“We are seeking for protection of our key witness in this case.”

Olaba in response is telling the court that the said conspiracy to murder charges are just mere allegations.

He says he has always been religiously attending court.

In regards to the application to have the matter heard on camera, Olaba says he appreciates and uphold freedom of the press, only that they should make accurate reports.

In a brief joinder, the Prosecution says the key witness who is the complainant, is vulnerable.

Says even in the gang-rape case, the matter was heard in camera even if it’s now starting afresh.

The prosecution wants the same treatment accorded in the new matter/murder.

Court to deliver its ruling on 10 May at noon on whether bail will be cancelled.
Olaba will be remanded at Industrial area prisons.

The prosecution counsel, Eve Onunga made the application on behalf of the state.

Olaba is to be charged with conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to defeat justice.

-The Star/ Sue Muhindi