Sarah Kabu reveals why she won't be vying for Presidency in 2022

Sarah Kabu reveals why she won't be vying for Presidency in 2022

Sarah Kabu, the founder of Bonfire Adventure, has said she would never vie for any political seat despite some of her fans wanting her to.

According to Sarah, she hates politics and would rather spend her time advising people on matters of relationship and travelling.

During a segment on her Insta stories, a fan asked Sarah to vie for Presidency as she was the only one who could save Kenya.

‘I have seen this comment many days….Ati what are the qualifications of a President in Kenya? Ama kuna President wa Women reps?
Sorry, I forgot I just hate politics with a passion and that’s why am not on Twitter.’ she responded

Unlike Sarah, several personalities among them, Betty Kyallo, have expressed a desire to vie for political seats come 2022.

Just days ago Xtian Ndela also revealed he would be vying for a political seat.

Betty will be vying for the Nairobi Women Rep seat. Aspiring Kamukunji politician Alinur Mohammed is Betty Kyallo’s mentor.
A while ago, Betty Kyallo told Churchill she was headed to the political world after accomplishing several things she had targeted.

“It is in my plan, I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve so far and there are a few things I need to do: package myself and think about what is it that I want to run for, but I will do it.

Maybe Sarah should reconsider her decision and vie for Presidency, would you vote for her?