Shun the tendency to be an average person

Shun the tendency to be an average person

Commit yourself to high standards and constant improvement in everything you do.

Photo credit: Samuel Muigai | Nation Media Group

Most people lead very ordinary lives. But there’s no reason why you should. Because the law of averages doesn’t apply to achievement and happiness. There’ll always be winners and losers, of course, but everyone can be happier and more successful.

So why does life go flat for so many of us? It’s all down to attitudes and beliefs. Ordinary people just accept what they’re told. They never question authority or ask why things have to be the way they are. They go to school because that’s what people do, not because they’re passionate about studying.

They work at mindless jobs, where half the time they’re being totally unproductive. Never learning about other cultures, so they can’t challenge their own. Settling for second best in relationships, and offering their partners far less commitment, loyalty, honesty and attention than they should.

Paying interest

Forever taking out loans, and spending years paying off vast amounts of interest. Endlessly thinking about starting a business, but never actually doing it. Never standing out or drawing attention to themselves. Always following someone else’s rules.

But your life doesn’t have to be like that. It’s never too late to change attitudes and beliefs, so make today the day your life really started!

Winners are always absolutely clear about what they want from life. So, if you’re not sure, start figuring that out now. Put your family before everything else, take good care of those you love, and make sure you choose the right spouse! Because that decision alone will determine 90 per cent of your happiness in life. Commit yourself entirely to your partner and treat them better than you expect to be treated yourself.

Find work you really love, be enthusiastic about it, and approach everything with determination and persistence. Give people far more than they expect. No more shady deals and fast bucks. If you’re employed, make your job a winner for both you and your boss. Get a reputation for offering real value and creativity in everything you do.


Be totally positive and enthusiastic, forgiving of yourself and others, generous, and grateful for all you have. Because happiness doesn’t depend on your possessions or status. It comes from your relationships with the people you love and respect.

Commit yourself to high standards and constant improvement in everything you do. Save money on even the most modest salary. And be kind and considerate to everybody you meet. Be loyal, honest, and a real self-starter. Stop blaming others for your problems and take full responsibility for every part of your life. And above all, remember that many of the most successful people in history started with nothing.

So, if you think something needs to be done, be the one who does it. Be optimistic, decisive and courageous, even if that means you’ll sometimes be wrong. Because when you look back on your life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do far more than the mistakes you made.