Stand out from the crowd and impress her

Stand out from the crowd and impress her

Learn how to present yourself well, and how to make dazzling small talk with a pretty girl.

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Dating is definitely a lot more difficult for men these days, because as women have become more independent they’ve also raised their sights. So men have to work harder to win their hearts.

Some guys just give up. They slob out, drink heavily, and tell themselves that relationships are not for them. The worst call themselves ‘incels’ and rant about how women are conspiring to make them involuntarily celibate.

But the best men simply decide to stand out from the crowd, so that the loveliest girls choose to be with them instead.

So how do you do that?

Start by making a success of your life. Keep fit, drink lightly, get up early, and put everything into your work and your studies. Choose your friends wisely, build your CV and network effectively, so that your career is always on track. Girls aren’t interested in unsuccessful men.

Be confident, and work on any insecurities or anger issues. Be committed and loyal in every relationship. Genuinely faithful man are rare, and valued greatly.

Always do what’s right. Be kind to everyone in your life, always asking ‘How can I help?’ rather than ‘What’s in it for me?’
Make sure your clothes and grooming always say good things about you. Learn how to present yourself well, and how to make dazzling small talk with a pretty girl. And never be pushy about intimacy. Tease your girl so that she knows you think she’s sexy, but let her set her own pace.

And decide you’re going to be a guy who treats women well. Who’s always honest, authentic and trustworthy. Courteous and considerate.

Yes, really. If you take good manners just that bit further, then you really will stand out. And your relationships will shift up a gear. Being courteous to women isn’t sexist, by the way. You’re being gracious because you’re just like that.

So open doors for her, because you open doors for everyone. Pay for her dinner, not because you expect something in return, but because you’re good with money and that’s how dating works. Walk on the outside of the pavement to protect her from the traffic.

Stand up when she comes to join you at the bar, or your table, pull out her chair, and sit after she’s seated. Give her your chair if there are no others available. Help with her bags and her coat. Put your phone away, and act like you really want to be with her. Make good eye contact, and always be fun and upbeat.

Slip your jacket around her shoulders if she’s cold. Catch her arm if she stumbles. Hold an umbrella over her if it rains. Open your car door for her. Walk her to her house, and see her safely inside. Always be on time. Listen to her and keep her secrets, even if you break up.

Make being genuine and successful part of your identity, and you’ll never be short of a girlfriend.