The Indulgent Bibliophile

The Indulgent Bibliophile

Faith Nzama, book blogger and reviewer at Photo | Pool

The earliest memory I have on me reading is in grade six where I started reading leisurely. I was to read through high school, but it was at University that I became an avid reader.

I love books. I Breathe and live them. I like to joke that I am 95 percent made of books and I'm actually starting to believe it. Reading is something I have managed to incorporate into my everyday life, and something that I do even when working on the mundane (hello audiobooks!). I use books as a way to experience different places and realities and it's been the best journey yet!

As someone who has read hundreds of books, choosing one as a best book is a struggle. I'll pick a book that I have been recommending a lot this year and that's Honour by Elif Shafak. The book is brilliant and written with so much care, I'm in awe. I highly recommend it.

I read 12 to 16 books a month. As I said, I live and breathe books. I read anywhere and everywhere as I always have a book with me. I have also incorporated different formats into my reading. (ebooks, audiobooks, physical books) which means I am able to read more, consistently.  I read Fiction, and mostly Historical, Literary, Romance and Crime fiction. Thrillers too.

I am in five book clubs but actively present in two— The Indulgent Bibliophile which is a community filled with people from almost every corner of the world, ran by Amyn of lipglossmaffia. The second one is Soma Nami Bookclub ran by Wendy and Muthoni of the Soma Nami Bookstore.

I am currently reading two books at the moment; a classic - If Beale Street Could Talk, and a thriller - Sometimes I Lie. These books are a good example of how humans struggle with morality and mortality.