This is what it took me to build a big following on Twitter

This is what it took me to build a big following on Twitter

JANET MACHUKA enjoys a fan base of over 100K followers on Twitter. Photo | Pool


As a content manager, I create, direct content visualisation and also publish the content for the brands I work with on social media. Through this, I guide brands on creating social media content that is engaging and communicates their interests and their values as a business or personal brand.

As a trainer, I offer social media marketing, branding and content creation classes for corporates and individuals to help them improve their marketing and brand presence on social media.

I’m the founder of Africa Tweet Chat (#AfricaTweetChat), a community with a weekly conversation that happens on twitter every Wednesday. We engage in digital marketing, technology and business related conversations. I created the community, which now reaches over 500 million audiences globally, three years ago to learn and build meaningful networks in the industry.


Originally, l wanted to be a journalist but later fell in love with digital marketing, especially social media marketing.

My presence on Twitter is bigger than on other social media platforms because, unlike other platforms, Twitter makes it easy to find, engage and converse with people.

TikTok will take over social media leaving other platforms to adapt in 2022 according to Talkwalker. I totally agree with this because through the ease of the use of the App, uniqueness of content it allows people to express themselves even with unedited videos.

I am on TikTok but not active. The difference is in the content shared and follower demographic. TikTok is purely videos and majority of users are Generation Z. That sets the pace for companies wanting to use TikTok for influencer marketing.

I'm a documentary lover. I do give a list of documentaries to watch every Friday on my twitter.  Anything business, crime or innovation related is for me.


My passion lies in digital marketing but I like cooking and traveling to find new hidden gems.

The last time a guy made me feel on top of this world was recently when my brother surprised me with a pair of shoes I've been eyeing for a year.

I’m not a trends follower when it comes to fashion but there are some baggy jean trousers with sweater tops that I can't get rid of.

The creepiest place I have ever been to is the Karen Snake Park.

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