This is why I'll never marry - Maina Kageni reveals

This is why I'll never marry - Maina Kageni reveals

Maina Kageni is a darling to many women out there. He defends and sides with women on his morning show during the Classic 105 conversations, which ignite mixed reactions.

The radio presenter is rich and single and every woman wants to have a piece of him. During an interview with Churchill Show when asked about when he is getting married, he said,

If you wanna know why I’m not getting married please listen to my show in the morning on Classic 105. Listen to the conversations and then make your recommendation to me, inbox. It looks like a lot of work. To much work.

He added,

CK said marriage is a jail. I’m a free bird. I need to move. I need to wake up and decide I’m going to Dar-Es-salaam tomorrow, no questions. I don’t know how to ask for permission to go somewhere. I’m the embassy myself.

Just like any other public figure, Maina also has haters and talking about them, he said,

‘You gotta have haters. If you don’t have haters haujafanya kitu. They are very important because you’ve won the very moment it starts to bother them. So if what you’re doing doesn’t bother anyone, then you have a problem.’