'Wachana na mimi!' Size 8 shouts at DJ Mo during an altercation at city hotel

'Wachana na mimi!' Size 8 shouts at DJ Mo during an altercation at city hotel

Is their trouble in DJ Mo and Size 8’s marriage? That’s what their fans are asking after rumours about their break up surfaced online.

Size 8, who unfollowed her hubby, hasn’t posted DJ Mo’s photos on her Instagram account since the rumours went viral two weeks ago.

She only posted a photo of them together which they took during the filming of a previous episode of their reality show.

The father of two has been posting photos of his kids and not Size 8’s.

Well, has obtained an exclusive video of an altercation between the two and it seems the storm is yet to settle down.

In the video, an angry Size 8 can be seen walking out on her husband who pulls her hand back.

‘…chenye unaniambia, ebu kwanza nkt…’ the mother of two can be heard telling her hubby,

‘Kaa hapa,’ DJ Mo said pulling her hand.

‘Sikai chini. wachana na mimi’, shouted Size 8.

The video was taken at a local restaurant where they met to iron out their issues.

Our source revealed that it happened mid this week adding that,

Size 8 is still living in a hotel since the rumours started. Hajarudi kwake bado.

';…chenye unaniambia, ebu kwanza nkt…'; Mama Wambo amejam na DJ Mo.

Posted by Mpasho News on Sunday, October 4, 2020

Could the video be part of their reality show Dine with the Murayas?

Last week, a source close to the couple told that they were okay, denying cheating rumours or a separation.