What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

Chicken Bacon Burger which comes with a side of seasoned fries and coleslaw at Uncle Nene’s Kitchen Photo | Pool

When you think awesome burgers, a name like ‘Uncle Nene’s’ doesn’t exactly inspire visions thick, juicy beef patties between a soft, lightly toasted bun, and creamy sauce dripping down the side. But that’s exactly what you get.

Uncle Nene’s Kitchen is a self-described cloud kitchen I found on Instagram during the recent lockdown. The page is full of images of golden-brown deliciousness that difficult to scroll past. The menu is unpretentious – just burgers (beef or chicken) and fries (seasoned or loaded). There’s an option for a French toast bun and even a gluten-free bun.

I order the Chicken Bacon Burger which comes with a side of seasoned fries and coleslaw. It takes about an hour from order to delivery but with what arrives, I cannot complain.

This is quite possibly the best burger I’ve had in Kenya; a solid top three overall, tied for second place. You know how after a long night of boozing; you stop by a grease pot for something to soak the alcohol in your system and the food that’s served just hits all the rights spots. This is like that but sober. I didn’t want to stop eating it.

The burger is juicy with the lovely mayo-based sauce dripping down side. Chicken patties tend to be on the dry side but this patty is tender; topped with caramelized onions and jalapenos, the burger is held together by a thick, sesame seed bun that somehow isn’t soggy.

In my opinion, what makes Uncle Nene’s burgers top other comparable burgers from established restaurants is the portion size –a single patty burger feels like a double. What’s more, where most places offer a measly two stripes of bacon for their burger toppings, every bite of my chicken bacon burger has the crunch of crispy bacon.

The seasoned fries are seasoned well; crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They arrived cold but sometimes that can’t be helped with take-away. The packaging is well done, functional and professional with the fries and burgers in their own compartments.

So, what is in a name? As the saying goes ‘A rose by another name would smell just as sweet’. I’m glad I got over my bias against the name because Uncle Nene’s has awesome burgers. Be sure to check out their Instagram page for awesome deals like the five-burger combo for Sh3650.