Why I'll soon be rejoining Apostle Elkana's church

Why I'll soon be rejoining Apostle Elkana's church

I managed to convince my colleagues that we invite Apostle Elkana on closing day.

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A week before Kuya was chased from his school like a dog, Rev Apostle Elkana had visited me at work late in the evening. We had not seen each other for quite some time, and he had come to find out how I was doing, both domestically and professionally.

“You will always be my son, and my sheep,” he said in his usual introduction. “And Jesus asked us to take care of his sheep, and I will always take care of you even when you seem to be going astray.”

“How is Fiolina doing in Nairobi?” He asked after I had told him that things were going well domestically, but that at school, there were a few challenges. I told him Fiolina was in Kakamega.

We talked some more, after which he prayed, a long prayer in which he thanked God for the many blessings that were coming my way. He asked God to scatter my enemies at school who were making my life difficult, and to bless Fiolina with friends who would help her progress in life.

“The spirit tells me that in less than two weeks, your enemies will be scattered, Halleluiah!” He said after the prayer. “In less than two weeks, you will be free to lead the school with no disturbance, Halleluiah!”

I thanked him but was pessimistic because every time he visits, he always makes a prophesy.

Chased like a dog

“When that happens, please remember the God who will have made it possible, and even if you don’t want to remember me, just remember the church.” Do you need me to tell you that Apostle Elkana only left after I had given him Sh150? Otherwise, he wouldn’t have left.

Less than a week after Apostle Elkana's visit, Kuya was chased like a dog, and I became the supreme leader of the school, defining policy, directing affairs and executing my strategy; unchallenged.

There are those who would like to attribute this development to God, but as a logical human being, I am a believer in science, a true student of cause and effect. Kuya’s arrogance had made him to be harsh to students – he had injured one of them, and that led to him being chased from school.

“Deuteronomy 28:7. The Lord will help you defeat your enemies and make them scatter in all directions,” said Elkana in an SMS that I received two days after Kuya had left. “Praise God!” Elkana tried to meet me several times, but I was busy cleaning the mess that Kuya had left behind that I had no time to meet him. Until last Sunday when he visited me at home after church, un-announced.

I was marking scripts in preparation for school closing when someone knocked on my door. It was Apostle Elkana. “Today I decided to pay you a visit and give you some spiritual nourishment. As usual, he started with a long prayer, thanking God for scattering my enemies and for blessing my family, particularly my wife.

“When will your wife be back?” He asked. He was concerned that Fiolina had not tithed for quite some time. “Next time you talk to her, please tell her not to forget God. Let her read Psalms 103:2.” Apostle Elkana then discussed what had brought him, which was to invite himself to pray for the school on closing day.

“I know you will be closing for just a week but something tells me that this one week will be full of dangers if we do not pray well,” he said. I did not commit to anything, only telling him I would engage my colleagues at school; and invite him if they approved.  I got convinced after he said he could be praying for me to have a great stay in Kakamega with my wife.

“I have a feeling that you will have a really good time in Kakamega with your family.” I had not mentioned to him about the challenges I faced the last time I visited Kakamega.

“Why do we call Apostle Elkana’s church the sponsor of this school?” Wondered Lena. "What has he ever done for us?"

“We are actually his sponsors,” added Mrs Atika. “Every time he comes here, we give him something. We are therefore the sponsors of his church.”


I managed to convince my colleagues that we invite Apostle Elkana on closing day.

When I finally invited him, he had another prophesy to make:

“God revealed to me that this school will have a new head next term. Though He did not reveal who will be the head, I saw a tall slim man in my dream,” he declared. With that in mind, I encouraged all teachers and students to come with sadaka for the apostle.

With Bensouda missing in action, I planned to close the school a day earlier, on Thursday. I pushed teachers to work hard and by Wednesday noon, all report forms were ready, just waiting for HM's signature and remarks. I completed signing and making my detailed remarks on Wednesday evening.

On Thursday morning, Elkana lead us in prayer. He prayed for the school, and particularly for the next leadership of the institution, saying since God chooses leaders, he was sure that all teachers and students would support the next administration. We gave him everything we had collected, and I can tell you it was not little money. Later that day, Bensouda called me several times but I ignored her calls because I knew why she was calling.

When on Friday I travelled to Kakamega, I was welcomed well, just as Apostle Elkana had predicted. As I enjoy my short stay here, I will spend some time preparing to be the head of Mwisho wa Lami Primary. If that happens, I promise to become a faithful and committed member of Apostle Elkana’s THOAG (The Holiest Of All Ghosts) Tabernacle Assembly.

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