When leaders avoid a photo with William Ruto

When leaders avoid a photo with William Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto speaks during the traditional wedding ceremony for Natalie Langat at her parents’ home in Karen on November 19, 2021.

Photo credit: Francis Nderitu | Nation Media Group

When leaders avoid a photo with Ruto

These are interesting times. At the pre-wedding party of the daughter of tycoon David Langat attended by government officials drawn from both President Uhuru Kenyatta as well as his deputy William Ruto’s side on Friday in Karen, those who do not want to be associated with the DP avoided being captured in the same frame by photographers like their lives depended on it. Asked why this was such a big deal, the politicians as well as the businessmen had one answer, “I don’t want to invite the wrath of the state on me.” While some genuinely wanted to shake hands with the DP, they were forced to drop the idea. A few who were bold enough to do so had to first plead with photographers to spare ‘their lives.’

Why DP’s convoy avoided Kirinyaga

A stop-over in Kirinyaga by the Deputy President last week had to be postponed over fears of a clash between two rival groups who are eyeing the governor’s seat. The DP entourage was coming from Embu, which borders Kirinyaga, and it was supposed to make a stopover at Kirinyaga.

But one of the candidates protested the move and vowed to mobilise against the rival. Sensing danger and the prospect of booing and heckling as it happened in Tharaka Nithi, the DP’s handlers postponed the Kirinyaga trip to a later date to build consensus.

County official openly courts journalist

A journalist and a top county official in Mt Kenya are on the spot for what seems like a blossoming love affair that is now spilling to social media. Though the two have not kept their closeness a secret, their cryptic messages and public show of affection has lit up social media groups because of their age difference and the political ambitions of the county official.

Rivals of the county official are also digging up what they termed as explosive materials on the affair with an aim of using it in the 2022 elections. Not to be fazed, both shared a message on social media at the weekend. It seems that love conquers even politics.

Staff take bribes as MPs’ families suffer

Staff in one of the Houses of Parliament are on the spot for their insatiable appetite for bribes. The situation is so bad that even workers and beneficiaries of lawmakers who passed on cannot get their gratuity and benefits before they part with cash. Files of those who have been unable or unwilling to part with cash are still gathering dust as the staff are not willing to touch them until their palms are greased. Any attempt to report them ends up futile as the staff seem well connected and untouchable. You either part with cash, or forget about your cash.

Tight-fisted party leader in trouble

A party leader is in trouble after most aspirants he had recruited to run on his party threatened to defect over his tight-fisted ways. The aspirants claim the man promised to fund their campaigns and bankroll a publicity blitz. But during a conference in Nairobi, the party leader forced the aspirants to pay for the cost of drinks and a meal, provoking protests. The aspirants accused the man, who in his vetting by Parliament to become CS admitted he is a multi-millionaire, of being stingy and taking them for a ride. They have vowed never to attend the meetings again.

Lawyer threatens young magistrate

A prominent Kisumu lawyer lost his cool when he appeared before a youthful female magistrate after his client who is facing theft charges was adversely mentioned by a prosecution witness. The furious lawyer, believed to possess a gun, threateningly advanced towards the prosecutor and another advocate after a barrage of objections and interruptions were curtly dismissed by the magistrate who has won praises for her fair rulings in sensitive cases in the recent past.

On sensing danger, the prosecutor and the complainant's lawyer had to scamper for safety as members of the public watched in utter shock. The unfolding event forced the equally shaken magistrate to prematurely adjourn while the enraged lawyer stormed out of court in a fit of rage.

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