Tokyo 2020 Olympics Notebook - Day 11

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Notebook - Day 11
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Photo credit: Elias Makori | Nation Media Group

Foreign exchange machine comes in handy


The convenience of services in Japan is amazing. Having checked into our hotel in downtown Ginza area of Tokyo, I was wondering where I could change my US dollars into the local currency, the Japanese Yen. I was directed to a machine at the lobby area which looks like a normal ATM machine. However, it’s a foreign exchange machine which dispenses an equivalent in local currency once you slot in your foreign currency notes. The machine also displays the day’s currency exchange rate. At the moment, it indicates one US dollar as exchanging to 99.90 Japanese Yen.

Insects for dinner? Osawa’s got your back


A 25-year-old entrepreneur in Maebashi, central Japan, has opened an eatery that specialises in delicacies made from insects! Kanna Osawa opened the Torosha Sweet Shop “to promote the idea of eating insects” which she believes and “nutritious and environmentally friendly.”

Osawa uses crickets as an ingredient in bread. “I want customers to eat insects and realise that insects are an option for food, rather than to eat them out of curiosity just because they are insects,” she told local media. Cockroaches for dinner, anyone?

Concern as Covid-19 cases in Tokyo rise


Tokyo reported 1,832 new Covid-19 cases on Wednesday, rising by nearly 700 and surpassing the week-before figure for the 32nd consecutive day, the Japan Times reported. “The figure in Tokyo was the most since January 16 and the sixth highest daily tally ever in the capital,” Japan Times wrote.

Wednesday’s total surged from the 1,149 cases reported a week before as infections continue to rise in Tokyo.

“Experts say Japan appears to be experiencing a fifth wave of infections as new cases increase ahead of the opening of the Tokyo Olympics on Friday,” the newspaper reported.

Details of Games ticker holders leaked


The Japan Times also reports that login IDs and passwords of Tokyo Olympic ticket purchasers have been leaked on the internet, quoting a government official.

“The same information of Paralympic ticket purchasers and those who had used a volunteer portal for the Summer Games have been leaked online as well,” the paper quoted the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, as saying.

The organising committee has launched an investigation into the matter. A minimum number of spectators is not allowed at venues during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in a move to curb the spread of the coronavirus.