Canada: Indian diaspora in Vancouver protests against NDP leader Jagmeet Singh

Canada: Indian diaspora in Vancouver protests against NDP leader Jagmeet Singh

A huge number of people from the Indian diaspora gathered in Vancouver to express their dissatisfaction with New Democratic Party (NDP) leader and MP Jagmeet Singh's silence on the attack on Canada's Hindu population.

This demonstration comes as Canada prepares for national elections on September 20, Monday.

On Sunday, a number of people gathered to speak out against Jagmeet Singh ahead of the election in his constituency. Activists carrying banners criticising Singh marched to his office.

Indian diaspora protests against NDP leader Jagmeet Singh

"Why Jagmeet is quiet on Air India bombing? Why Jagmeet never goes to temples and why he is quiet on the attack on Canadian Hindus in Brampton on Independence Day. The Hindu community especially feels unsafe under his leadership," said one of the protestors.

Protesters also carried signs that said, "Jagmeet Singh's family attacks Hindus and roams free in Canada."

Furthermore, activists have stated that they want to hold frequent protests in this regard. So far, Jagmeet Singh's administration has been silent on the allegations. People of Indian heritage have been calling on Jagmeet Singh to defend all Canadian residents, particularly Hindu-Canadians, in response to recent attacks on them in Canada.

In recent months, the Indian diaspora in Canada has held a number of protests in support of stronger India-Canada ties.

Earlier this year, India asked Canadian authorities to ensure the safety and security of its nationals, following reports that separatist groups had threatened the Indian community after they conducted a "Tiranga rally" in support of farm laws.

Attacks on Indian diaspora in Canada

A letter written by the National Alliance of Indo-Canadians (NAIC) to Canadian Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Bill Blair, in February, alleged, "There have been multiple reports of Indo-Canadians, who are critical of the arguments against the laws or remain committed to improving and strengthening relations between the land of their heritage, India, and the land that has adopted them, Canada, being intimidated online, threatened with violence including rape of women their families, and this has escalated to certain elements even gathering at the residences and offices of individual Canadian citizens."

Dr Azad Kaushik, President of the National Alliance of Indo Canadians (NAIC), confirmed the threats to the Indian diaspora in Canada and urged authorities to respond in February 2021. He has also referred to the tacit support given by Canadian politicians to the farmers' protest in India as "unfortunate."